Mr. V.Maheswaran, 47, is the Director of Texdoc online solution Pvt Ltd. After completing his basic Diploma in textile technology, he completed B.Tech Textiles, through DKTE Textile and engineering Institute, Mumbai. He has been in the textile industry in various positions. He, being the natural worker, enjoys connecting with senior leaders in all areas of the company from Production, Marketing to R&D. Mostly he has been working on sales and marketing fields. From 1996 for three years, he had been doing sales and after-sales service for Staubli AG for Mumbai and Maharashtra areas. From 1999, three years, he had been a sales engineer for Eurasia Temac (Swiss principal). In the year 2002, he formed a company KM Associates along with Mr. Kannan (ex-Premier) and had been promoting Amsler products. He was instrumental in the overall development of the slub yarn market in India. When he started selling slub attachments there were no spinners in India who knew about slub yarn. He strategically marketed the Amsler products from the ultimate customers like high brands and back worked down to the supply chain like spinners. His marketing strategy recently has resulted in the adding up of new and unique product called Green compact from Rotorcraft, Switzerland, to KM Associates. He is also instrumental in the development of Texdoc online solutions Pvt Ltd and textiledoctoronline.com.